CEX-3 RGB LED light

CEX-3 is a round RGB LED light, it come with numerous functions.
Portable design, can be fitted to 1/4"-20 standard screw tripod, magic arm and other supports.
Suitable for photographers, filmmakers, iPhonegraphy user, and influencers.
Built-in lighting functions are available: color temperature, color hue, lightning, party light, fireworks.
Bluetooth App control is exclusive for iOS users.

Lighting functions:

1. Color temperature: 2800K-10000K
2. Color hue: 0-360 degrees
3. Lighting effect: Speed: 0-100%
4. Party light effect: Speed: 0-100%
5. Fireworks effect: Speed: 0-100%
6. Address (iOS only): In-App Bluetooth connection
- Color temperature control
- Color hue control
- Flash function
- Exposure control
- Video mode
- 10 lighting effects