1、The light can not turn on
If you use AC power supply system, please check the power supply whether to connect with light correctly and safely, make sure the power is on. If you use DC power supply system, please make sure that the battery box has enough power to turn the light on.

Make sure the contacts of battery box are clean and has no oxide layer.
2、The lights were dimmed or flicker
Make sure the power supply connects tightly. Make sure that the voltage meets the requirements of the product. Make sure that battery has enough electricity to power the light.
3、Please change the battery, as the light is Sunder the state of power off.
4、Please do not stare at the light when the light is working, the intense light may hurt your eyes.
5、When the light is under the state of power on, please do not stop draught , in order to avoid the light is overheating.
6、 Please keep all the stuff at least 10 cm away from the light.
7、As a result of the light need working with high power, we recommend customers to use high power capacity battery for the light.
8、When you use battery as power supply, please adjust the dimming to 0% before turn off the light. If you don’t adjust the dimming to 0% before turn off the light, the battery may auto cut-off prevents over-discharging when you turn on the light again.
9、If there is any quality problem of the battery, please contact the supplier of battery which you purchased from.
10、The quality problem of battery is not the quality problem of the product, so the warrenty of product do not cover that.