WOKI 600X / 600D LED video light

Blackbezt WOKI 600X portable LED video light is a high quality bi-color LED light, best for outdoor video taking.
WOKI 600D for daylight lighting.

Portable design, powered by AC power.

Color temperature is 2600K-6500K (600X) / 5600K (600D)

CRI >= 97 , TLCI 98

Beam angle is 35 degrees.

The LUX is 24100 at one metre (no hood).
(Maximum 199100 lux with light hood)

The Power Consumption: 600W.

Support DMX512 protocol.

Remote Control by using iPhone App is possible. (Android version to be released)

Can be equipped with Bowens mount softbox and accessories. (see sample photos, sold separately)